Oxfordshire Great Big Green Week aims to help and encourage people and organisations  to act to help tackle the climate crisis, and to protect and improve our environment.


More than 80% of people in the UK are worried about climate change. But many are unsure what they can do or how they can make a difference. There’s a lot that can and must be done locally, and there are many active groups across the county. 


Activities during the Week will give people an opportunity to find what they can do, to hear and talk about the current issues, and to undertand how they can use their time and energy to make a difference.


We hope that this will be a time for people and groups to start to act on the climate crisis, and that those already active will be able to reach out to new audiences, and to review and celebrate what they are doing. 


The Oxfordshire Week is part of a national Week supported by many organsations – see https://greatbiggreenweek.com/

The UK’s biggest celebration of climate and nature

Great Big Green Week generates a mass, visible and mainstream public engagement moment demonstrating action on climate and nature.

It will communicate positive public support for action from audiences across the UK, highlighting the changes that individuals, communities,
charities and businesses are already making, and enable public advocacy to their MP.


Great Big Green Week’s events, political engagement, and communication campaigns will result in more political space and stronger will for ambitious action on climate and nature.