Oxfordshire Menu: Good Food & Climate Change

Food and climate: What are the links?

Agriculture and food production are significant contributors to climate change. In Oxfordshire, the food we eat in Oxfordshire makes up 43% of our ecological footprint.

(Source: Moore 2019, Oxfordshire Ecological Footprinting Study for Bioregional)   


“Food systems currently account for 21-37% of total GHGs, and are at the heart of many of the world’s major challenges today including biodiversity loss, enduring hunger and malnutrition, and an escalating public health crisis.”

The Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration (ENG)


But food production does not have to be destructive. There are many ways we can drastically reduce the climate impact of what we eat, and even make agriculture a positive contribution for example by sequestering carbon in healthy, living organic soils or increasing biodiversity on farms. 

Picture: Ten Mile Menu.  

What can you do?

As a food business 

Join an association like Good Food Oxfordshire, Independent Oxford, Sustainable Restaurant Association or Soil Association to get support with making your practices more climate-friendly. 


As a business or organisation 

Source local, sustainably produced food, increase the quantities of veg and serve plant-based options more frequently. Sign the Oxfordshire Good Food Charter


As a community group 

Get involved in local climate activities and join a network like CAG Oxfordshire or Good Food Oxfordshire. 


As an individual 

There are many things you can do, for instance the “Five simple things” suggested on the Oxfordshire Good Food Charter. These include: 

  • Eat more plants and buy better meat, less frequently. 
  • Cook more and waste less food. 
  • Know where your food comes from, buy local and organic.  

For more ideas for a #lowcarbonlunch see the infographic on the left.  

Food events during Green Week

Good Food Oxfordshire and Independent Oxford are running Oxfordshire Menu during Green Week as a celebration of local, sustainably produced food and independent food producers in Oxfordshire.  Here is a selection of events, and you can find more on the events map and calendar.

Various dates in September 

Farm Tours

Sandy Lane Farm More info


Meat The Future Exhibition 

until January 2022, Natural History Museum, Oxford More info


Seasonal & local menu

Silvie’s, East Oxford

Not just during Green Week, Silvie’s serve delicious freshly baked sourdough, cakes, pastries and brunch featuring many locally sourced,  seasonal ingredients.  View menu

18 September 

Ready, Steady, Cookup! cooking challenge  

2:45-4pm on Broad Street, part of the Green Week opening day  More info


Pot-Luck at Abingdon National Heritage Open Days 

10am-4pm at Abingdon Market Square, with the Abingdon Community Fridge team  More info


Climate Cook-in 

5:30-8pm at Methodist Church, Wantage More info


Farm Tour

10:30am-1:30pm Tolhurst Organic RG8 7RB  More info

19 September 

Garden Harvest Festival 

Barracks Lane Community Garden, Oxford More info


Farm Tour

Blacklands Organics More info

23 September 

Good Food Procurement

Online webinar hosted by OxLEP Business More info

24 September 

Ready, Steady, Cookup! Challenge

Climatarian Kitchen and Cherwell Collective, Exeter Hall, Kidlington  More info

25 September 

Great Big Green Event with apple pressing, zero waste coffee and more

Abingdon Carbon Cutters at the Abingdon Museum More info


Harvest Feast

FarmED, Shipping-under-Whychwood More info


Friends of the Earth @Thame Food Festival 

26 September 

Ready, Steady, Cookup! cooking challenge 

12-2pm, Tap Social, Oxford OX2 0LX More info


Friends of the Earth @Thame Food Festival 

2-3 October

Milton Sustainability Weekend Harvest Theme 

Milton Methodist Church More info

Sign the Oxfordshire Good Food Charter

You can join the Good Food Oxfordshire network by signing the Good Food Charter for your business, organisation or group here. As an individual, you can find out more about volunteering or joining a community action group here. As an independent business based in Oxfordshire, you can also join Independent Oxford.  

As part of the Oxfordshire Great Big Green Week, food businesses and organisations across the county are participating in Oxfordshire Menu, a celebration of local food and food producers. The campaign is coordinated by Good Food Oxfordshire and Independent Oxford. 

To get your food event added to the events listed above, please get in touch